The NRVG was initated on April 9, 1975 when an enthusiastic group of folks at Radford College submitted an application for NSS Internal Organization status. Heading the group was David Engel NSS 13057. Dave was then President of the Radford College Geology Club. The application was approved on May 17, 1975 and was given the number G-224. The Club Newsletter was called The Lower Level Ledger.

During the first year or two the Club had a membership that included many VPI Cave Club members. The Grotto was active in cave exploration and mapping. Other activities included rock climbing, hiking, and merrymaking. As the Grotto nucleus began to leave school, move away, or just stop caving the membership and activities also began to dwindle. As a result the NRVG existed more-or-less on paper only. The nucleus of this group was Drs. Ginny Tipton and Gary Nussbaum, along with Dave Darovitch.

Prior to the 50th NSS Anniversary things began to pickup with the NRVG. Dr. Ernst and Karen Kastning, Tom Miller, and Andy Reeder provided much of the impetus to get the Grotto more active in caving and cave related activities.

The NRVG was again actively exploring and mapping caves, searching for new caves, cleaning out caves and sink holes, started an adopt-a-highway for cleanup, and was active in the VAR.

As a result of these efforts (thanks to Ernst and Karen Kastnings, Andy Reeder, and a gung-ho membership) the NRVG was presented the 1st Annual NSS Conservation Award.

In 1988 the Club decided to take a weekend and just whatever came to mind. And so the NRVG annual Cave Escape was started.

The Spring 1998 VAR was held in conjuction with the 10th Annual Cave Escape.